What's the difference between a Credit Check and Credit Score?

Before we go through the Mortgage Lenders that don’t Credit Score below.

We wanted to clarify what we mean by this.

Firstly, we need to bear in mind a Credit Check and a Credit Score are two different things.

All Mortgage Lenders will check your past Credit History and will consider this when deciding on whether to lend to you.

However, not all Mortgage Lenders will Credit Score you.

A Credit Score is when a Mortgage Lender completes an automated Credit Check on you. If you don’t meet a certain score based on this, the Lender will automatically decline the application.

Each Lender that does Credit Score has their own way of Credit Scoring applicants.

Larger mainstream Mortgage Lenders all tend to complete automated Credit Scores on you.

This is where applicants with Bad Credit or Low Credit Scores tend to be automatically declined.

Many Specialist Mortgage Lenders and smaller Lenders don’t tend to Credit Score applicants for this reason. Instead they manually Credit Check Applicants.

This means if you have Bad Credit, you often have a better chance of being accepted by a Lender who doesn’t Credit Score. But instead completes a manual Credit Check.

Are there Mortgage Lenders that don't Credit Score

Yes, many Specialist Mortgage Lenders will not Credit Score you.

This is good for those looking to get a Mortgage with Bad Credit.

Instead of a Computer making the decision a person will look at your Application and make the decision.

Can I get a Mortgage with No Credit Check?

All Lenders will take your past Credit into account when assessing your Application. 

It wouldn’t make sense for them to not do this.

But remember Credit Score and a Credit Check are two different things.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Lenders which don’t Credit Score.

Top 10 Mortgage Lenders that don't Credit Score

The following Mortgage Lenders are some of the top 10 Mortgage Lenders that don’t Credit Score applicants at all:

Kent Reliance

Kensington Mortgages


Pepper Money

Mansfield Building Society



Vida Homeloans

Family Building Society

Ipswich Building Society

Top Lenders that don't Credit Score in Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales

Whilst some of the Top 10 Lenders mentioned above will Lend to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

There are some Lenders which will only lend to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales:

Wales: Swansea Building Society

Scotland: Scottish Building Society

Northern Ireland: Progressive Building Society

What Credit Score is needed to buy a House?

All Mortgage Lenders which complete automated Credit Scores have their own ways of Credit Scoring you. Just like Experian and Equifax do for example.

So whilst checking your Credit Score with Experian, Equifax or Callcredit (Transunion) is a good way of seeing how others Credit Score you. It doesn’t actually have any bearing as to whether a Mortgage Lender will accept you.

So there isn’t anyway of knowing that if you have X score with Experian you’ll be accepted with X Mortgage Lender for example.

This is because Halifax’s way of Credit Scoring you will be different to the way Experian does.

Just like your Experian Score will always be different to your Equifax or Callcredit (Transunion) Score.

See how you can boost your Credit and Mortgage chances here.

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