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Buy pre-qualified organic Mortgage Leads from UK Mortgage Advisors. No sale no fee and upfront cost options available.

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About our Mortgage Leads

We have seen a large increase in organic enquiries coming directly from our website.

To service these enquiries we are looking for Mortgage Advisors who have the capacity to service these customers and who are able to provide them with an exceptional advice and service.

Get in touch above if you would like to become a Mortgage Partner and start taking our leads.


What you can expect from our Mortgage Leads

Genuine, pre-qualified, inbound, warm Mortgage Leads: We will check the legitamcy of the enquiry including contact details to ensure your time isn’t being wasted. Incorrect phone number equals no charge.

No sale no fee and upfront cost options: We charge either £40 per lead or £150 on the submission of a Mortgage Application (further details below). We will check in with enquiries sold on a no sale no fee basis  at least twice over a 12 month period to ensure integrity.

92% contact success rate: Because our enquiries are organic and genuine, we have huge contact success rates, when contacted within 24 hours.

33% conversion rate: Around 1 in 3 of enquiries go to sale within 12 months.

Lead only sold one: The lead you are sent will be unique to you. Never sold more than once.

What we expect from our Mortgage partners

Honesty and integrity with enquiries: We expect you to act honestly with the client, provide us with accurate feedback and costs are to be paid for leads within 30 days of the leads being provided (for upfront costs) or on an application being submitted (for no sale no fee – further details below).

Service and advice standards: We expect customers to be given the best possible advice and service at all times.

Complaints: We expect complaints to be dealt with effectively and efficiently and feedback provided to us.

No sale no fee Mortgage Leads

We offer a unique proposition to our Mortgage Partners. The option to not pay for our leads until you have made a  sale, which we define as submission of a Mortgage Application. This shows a huge amount of confidence in our Mortgage Leads, but naturally this opens us up to some risks. Including non payment of leads and a lack of care taken toward the enquiries.

We expect our fee to be paid for leads within 30 days of an application being submitted. And will check with yourself and the enquirer randomly to ensure this.

Due to the quality and demand for these types of enquiries we operate a zero tolerance policy when a lead isn’t paid within 30 days of you submitting a Mortgage Application.

Important: Where leads are not paid within 30 days of you submitting an application and where there is no exceptional explanation provided (as judged by ourselves), we will increase our charge to £295 per applicable enquiry. If after another 30 days the enquiry still hasn’t been paid, we will increase our charge to £495 per applicable enquiry.

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Your information will only be used to provide one qualified and regulated Advisor which specialises in your needs with your contact details. We are registered for Data Protection purposes with the Information Commissioners Office.

All of our content is written by qualified and current Mortgage Advisors to ensure our information is as up to date and accurate as it can be.

Every Advisor we work with is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and authorised to give Financial Advice. We cannot be held accountable for any individual Advice an Advisor may give you. But if you do have any complaints at all, we of course want to know so we can act on it.