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Get in touch if you would like to write an article or blog post for our website. We’ll promote you and your business in the process and include a link to your website.

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Write for us – Mortgage Guest Post for our Blog

Would you like to write a guest blog post or article for us, whilst simultaneously promoting you, your website and your business.

UK Mortgage Advisors is committed to providing quality and free content to the UK general public.

All we ask is your desired post or article is relevant to our site and original. By relevant we mean; about Property, Mortgages, Insurance, Protection or money Saving/Finance related.

By Original we mean not displayed on any other Sites or Blogs.

We’ll then Credit you and your business and provide a Backlink to your site. We will also share your article or post to our Social Media channels.

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Write for us – Property or Mortgage Guest Post requirements

Minimum content length: Your guest post must be at least 500 words long

Easily readable and not spun: Content must easy to read and ideally SEO friendly. Please don’t send spun or non original content as this will be declined.

Backlinks: A Backlink back to your site can be provided. And will ideally be linking back to a relevant site or a relevant article to ours.

We request in return that your provide us with a Backlink from one of your articles or blog posts on your site.

Relevant content: Please ensure the content is relevant to our site. For example: Property, Mortgages, Insurance, Protection or money Saving/Finance related.

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