Halifax Mortgage Switch

You could save money simply by changing Mortgage products with Halifax.

We can check this for you for free. And if there is a cheaper product available, we’ll move you onto this, again for free.

Rates from 1.12%, Get in touch!

Reasons to check if you’re eligible for Halifax Mortgage Switch

It’s Free – no fees from us for checking eligibility or switching you over to a new product. Just free advice.

Rates from 1.12% – we get exclusive rates with Halifax, not always available directly. If eligible, you could save £100’s per month. 

Simple Process – we do all the leg work for you and can complete the process for you in less than a day.

No Credit Check Required – adverse credit acceptable.

No Income Assessment – so if your income has changed recently it won’t affect eligibility to switch.

No Survey – no physical property valuation required.

Ready? – Simply get in touch on the above or below Contact forms.


See Eligibility

Contact us above or below so a Qualified & Regulated Mortgage Advisor can check your eligibility.

Check Rates

We’ll let you know what rate you’re eligible for and show you how much you’ll save.

Switch to cheaper Rate

We will complete the Switch for you and move you on to the cheaper rate for free.

Will I be eligible?

We’ll be able to check individual eligibility easily for you, by taking some basic information.

But to give you an idea. If you have had your Mortgage with Halifax for more than two years or your monthly repayment changes every now and then, there is a chance you will be eligible to switch.

If you have had your Mortgage with Halifax for more than 5 years and have never changed it. You are almost definitely paying more than you should be and will save by contacting us.

If eligible, it’s likely you are paying more than you should be and you will benefit by switching to a cheaper product with Halifax.

If there was a cheaper rate available, wouldn’t Halifax tell me?

Unfortunately not. Halifax (and any other Lender for that matter) are under no obligation to tell you if there is a cheaper rate available.

What usually happens is, you take out a Mortgage which has an initial Fixed or Introductory rate which is low for a set period of time. Usually between 2-5 years.

After this period, if you don’t do anything, your Interest Rate will revert to Halifax’s Standard Variable Rate. Currently set at 3.59%.

Switch Rates for Existing Halifax customers like yourself are currently available from 1.12%.

About us

Our Mortgage Advisors are independent, whole of market Mortgage Brokers.

We have Advisors based all over the country and are able to complete everything for you remotely over the phone and via email.

All of our Advisors have significant levels of 5 star reviews across various platforms and these can be accessed and viewed by the public.

We are able to provide the Halifax Mortgage Switch service for free. This is because any Mortgage Lenders we deal with provide us commission upon completion of your rate switch.

Get in touch for further Information or to check eligibility

If you want to know how much you can save by switching your Mortgage. Contact us via the contact form so we can check eligibility instantly and let you know what rate you are eligible for.

We will only put you in touch with a Mortgage & Protection Advisor which Specialises in your individual circumstances. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.

For more information or you would just like to find out more about us, please do get in touch.

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