what is the highest ltv buy to let mortgage?

Generally, the highest LTV Buy to Let Mortgage most applicants will be able to go up to is 80% loan to value (LTV – what is loan to value?).

However, there are three Mortgage Lenders which offer Mortgage products for up to 85% loan to value.

85% ltv buy to let mortgage

Three Specialist Mortgage Lenders offer 85% LTV Buy to Let Mortgages. You will have to go through a Specialist Mortgage Broker, such as ourselves to access these Lenders, and this will also ensure you have every chance of success. The Lenders will be much stricter with who they accept for these products, as they consider 85% LTV high risk. Eligibility is listed below.

80% ltv buy to let mortgage

A handful of Mainstream lenders and Specialist Lenders offer 80% LTV products. And there should be options for most applicants out there. Products are still quite a bit more expensive when compared to 75% LTV products. As Lenders deem Buy to Let Mortgages which are over 75% LTV to be the most risky.

75% ltv buy to let mortgage

Practically all Buy to Let Lenders will accept applications for 75% LTV or less. There will be options for all applicants including first time buyers and applicants with no earned income.

why can’t i go higher than 85% ltv with buy to let mortgages?

You may note that Mortgage Lenders will allow borrowers to go up to 95% LTV when purchasing their Residential Home. So why do Lenders only go up to 85% LTV on Buy to Let Mortgages?

Buy to Let Mortgages are generally considered to be riskier than Residential Mortgages. Statistics have found that if Borrowers fall on hard times. They are much more likely to continue to make repayments on the Mortgage on their Residential property than they are on their Buy to Let property.

eligibility for 85% ltv buy to let mortgage?

  • First time Landlords may be eligible for this Mortgage. First Time Buyers may be eligible with one lender if they meet certain criteria.
  • No minimum income requirements
  • Up to 8 Bedroom HMO’s considered
  • Available to Limited Companies and Individuals
  • Available to Portfolio Landlords


positives of purchasing a buy to let property with a high ltv?

  • Enables Borrowers to purchase a Buy to Let property with a smaller deposit than normal
  • Enables Borrowers to purchase properties they may otherwise not have been able to afford


negatives of purchasing a buy to let property with a high ltv?

  • Interest rates are high on 85% LTV Buy to Let Mortgages.
  • Lender choice. Only three Lenders offer above 80% LTV products.
  • Lenders tend to be stricter with their criteria and who they lender to.
  • Small risk of negative equity, where your Mortgage is more than your property is worth.
  • End up stuck on the Lenders Standard Variable Rate. If property prices stagnate or fall. You may become a type of Mortgage Prisoner, where you are unable to Remortgage or change products at the end of your initial fixed term. Because most other Lenders accept a maximum of 75-80% LTV.

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